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About Marshall and Terri

Marshall and TerriWelcome to our new website!

We are Marshall and Terri and have been collecting and creating for over 30 years.

Marshall is an avid collector of sports cards and loves sharing his knowledge and love for sports with others. He enjoys making plaques of different sports and can make them to order.  He has done speaking events to share his knowledge of sports cards which he has been selling for many years.

Terri has been creating and crafting since a child, learning her love of art and crafting from her grandmothers. Her grandma taught her to crochet when she was 8 years old and has continued to this day. She also enjoys paper crafting, jewelry making, wood working ,and painting which she does with her kitties by her side.

Together we have done many craft shows and events around the country. We love meeting new people and learning new ideas and sharing ours also. We can do custom items upon request. Hope you enjoy our site.

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